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Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade K

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In Explorations in Nonfiction Writing, Tony Stead and Linda Hoyt offer teachers and students alike scaffolds to move forward with nonfiction writing, using writing as a natural way to wonder, learn, and think about topics that excite them. It includes opportunities for students to explore a variety of real-world nonfiction texts and to work collaboratively as researchers and writers to create their own informational texts.

While learning how to locate, access, interpret, record, publish, and share information, students also consider ways to activate their voice and make their nonfiction writing clearer, more authoritative, and better organized. Designed around a consistent mix of explorations—some are extended units of study that engage primary writers in the complete writing process and others are targeted minilessons that expose students to various forms of nonfiction writing—Explorations in Nonfiction Writing is easily adaptable and will support you whether you are integrating nonfiction writing into your established literacy block or developing a new nonfiction writing program that supports your entire academic curriculum.

  • Title:Explorations in Nonfiction Writing: Grade K
  • Author:Tony Stead, Linda Hoyt
  • Publishing House:Heinemann
  • Publication Date:April 2011
  • ISBN-13:9780325031422
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