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Strategic Thinking Video Set (VHS)

Nothing matters more than kids thinking. As teachers, we want to honor kids thinking and teach them to become critical, thoughtful, independent readers. To help them turn thinking into meaning and to understand what they read, students need an arsenal of strategies to navigate and synthesize text. And they need to know when, where, and how, to use these strategies.Strategic Thinking builds on the comprehension instruction in the book, Strategies That Work, and the videotape series Strategy Instruction In Action. In this four-tape video series, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis spend a week with Jessica Lawrence and her middle school language arts students. They focus on teaching the comprehension strategies of inferring in fiction and determining importance in nonfiction. These two strategies are essential to comprehension for intermediate and middle-grade students On each tape, Steph, Anne, and Jessica plan instruction, lead mini-lessons, confer and share with the kids, and reflect on their teaching and the students learning. Throughout the lesson sequences, students grapple with information, themes, issues and ideas as they read literature and content-related text. As the kids read and respond orally and in writing, they merge their thinking with the text, adding to their knowledge and discovering the power of their own thinking. Inferring Themes in Fiction: Parts One and TwoOn these two tapes, Steph uses fiction to explore the strategy of inferential thinking. She launches the three-day lesson with an interactive read aloud of Eve Buntings picture-book, Gleam and Glow. Steph models the inner conversation she has with herself as she reads the book to the class. The students respond to the book as she teaches them how to use evidence in the text to infer the themes and bigger ideas. After discussing and writing about the themes in Gleam and Glow, the kids practice inferring themes in their independent reading.Determining Importance in Nonfiction: Parts One and TwoIn these two tapes, Anne and Jessica show students how to determine important information as they read nonfiction. Anne and Jessica read through a text on the Civil War, modeling their thinking and taking notes with a Facts/Questions/Response form. Students respond on the FQR form, learning how to merge their thinking with the information. This strategy helps kids think about information rather than merely memorizing it, making them more likely to identify what is important and understand it. Throughout the lesson, students work in pairs and small groups to think through the information together. This strategy helps students come to a deeper understanding of text that is packed with information and ideas and supports them to become strategic readers across the curriculum.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reviews--------------------------------------------------------------------------------About the Authors Stephanie Harvey has spent her career teaching and learning about reading and writing, as an elementary and special education teacher and now as a private consultant and a staff developer for the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition. She works with teachers in inner-city, suburban, and rural settings, conducting demonstration lessons, leading workshops, facilitating study groups, teaching courses, and coordinating literacy projects. Stephanie lives with her family in Denver, and whenever theres time, she heads for the hills to ski that Colorado powder. Anne Goudvis has been a classroom teacher, staff developer and adjunct professor of reading and social studies. For the past fifteen years she has worked with the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition as a staff developer in urban and suburban schools. Her particular interests are working with linguistically diverse schools around the country and integrating reading comprehension instruction with content area topics.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Related TitlesTITLES WITH SIMILAR CONTENTS Thoughtful Reading Comprehending Content Happy Reading! OTHER TITLES BY THE AUTHOR Nonfiction Matters Strategies That Work Strategy Instruction in Action Think Nonfiction!
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